Floor Cleaning Services

Floor Care

Strip and Wax

Floors will be completely stripped of all old sealer and wax.  Floors will be rinsed with a neural cleaner.  Two coats of new sealer will be applied three to four coats of wax (floor finish) will be applied.

Semi-Strip and Wax

Floors will be auto-scrubbed with a neutral cleaner removing old wax down to sealer.  Two to three coats of new wax (floor finish) will be applied.

Spray Buff

Floors will be thoroughly swept and mopped.  Spray buff will be mopped on or sprayed on floors then auto-scrubbed to restore luster and shine and remove or fill in scuffmarks and scratches.

NOTE:   Spray Buff is only recommended for floors with a good base coat of wax and sealer and only to maintain floors.


Floors will be swept and mopped.  A buff-solution or floor finish is sprayed on floors and buffed.  Speed burnishers range in RPM’s from 1500 to 2100.  Burnishing brings a deep shine to floors and extends the finish if done frequently.