Water Damage Restoration

Water extraction is one of the most important elements of a water damage restoration job.  The water must be removed in the most efficient way available in order to mitigate the loss as quickly as possible.  Without proper water extraction procedures, the drying process will be slowed creating greater loss of personal property.  Quality Care Carpet Cleaning Inc. will follow the guidelines below:

First, an inspection will be preformed to insure the health and safety of everyone, home owner and technicians.  The category of incoming water will be determined.

Second, location of the source of the incoming water will be determined, this would include finding leaks, shutting off water from pipes and or pumping or diverting standing water out of or away from the structure. 

Third, the removal of small or easily moved items from the affected area and blocking up larger pieces to get them off the affected surface will be done.  Disposal of saturated items may be required.

Fourth, the use of a combination of water extraction equipment will be used in an attempt to remove the contaminated water. In some cases, where a carpet is present, the carpet may need to be detached to dry the carpet from the bottom up.

Fifth, affected areas will be treated with a biocide in an attempt to prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

Sixth, a combination of air purification machines, turbo dryers, heaters and dehumidifiers may be needed to and placed to assist in the drying process. 

In the days after water intrusion, different services may be required to insure your structure dries properly.  These services will include a thorough inspection of the extracted areas with you and or your insurance company.  Monitoring and moving equipment on site will be done on a daily basis. Inspecting walls with moisture meters will be necessary to determine if walls or ceilings have been affected. Baseboard removal may be required to insure proper instrumental readings.  In wall drying systems may need to be placed in an attempt to dry walls from the inside out. Carpet and pad will be tested for moisture content with a carpet moisture meter. In some cases, carpet and or pad will need to be removed. It is also required to have a “final cleaning” of the carpets and affected areas after all appropriate work is complete.

In some cases, additional contractors may be needed to replace/repair damaged heating systems, electrical systems, walls and ceilings, floors and floor coverings, and or reinstall dried and sanitized carpeting.  This will be your responsibility.